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Heliotrope Issue 4

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Heliotrope Issue 4 Contributors


Ian R MacLeod has been writing in and around the area of what he still likes to think of as speculative and fantastic fiction for many years. He’s published five novels and three short story collections, has been widely anthologised …

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Letter From the Editor Heliotrope Issue 4 – Jay Tomio

Issue four is a bit of a transition for us though we have carried over a couple of the features that we debuted in our last issue. I am pleased to be able to present another of my favorite writers …

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Succession At Quandong Creek by Anna Tambour

Old Ron’s house by Quandong Creek
with a cockatoo shriek and a pop of sinews snapping
(loud reports lost under a barrage of rain on tin)
      fell down one night.
Flung down its useless arms, popped hips to flop
and …

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The Devil and Ms. V by Catherynne M. Valente

I firmly believe that one of the circles of hell consists of a single endless undergraduate poetry workshop. They are harrowing by intent and design, so it should be unsurprising that your humble narrator was scarred by one or two …

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A Virtual Anthology: Weinachtabend by Ian R. MacLeod


A sleek Mercedes glides through falling snow towards the lodge gates of a sprawling country house. Inside, Diane, a beautiful woman, and Richard, the man she once loved, head towards their fate. In the Christmas weekend that follows, which is …

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The Shadow Cabinet: Spotlight on Dedalus by Jeff Vandermeer


If the Surreal-Decadent section of the Shadow Cabinet has a publisher as its champion, that champion would have to be Dedalus (http://www.dedalusbooks.com). Based in England, Dedalus has produced edgy, inexpensive trade paperbacks of classic reprints, anthologies of …

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G-O-O-D-B-Y-E by Nick Mamatas

Once, there was this kid — and this wasn’t all that long ago so this might tell you how really stupid kids can be, even today — who tromped into 924 Hilltop punk house in Ohio with a guitar case …

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What Burns Within Excerpt by Sandra Ruttan

She wasn’t the type of woman he was interested in. Constable Tain knew that before he even set eyes on her. Everything from her tone of voice to her abrupt manner to the way she hung up the phone before …

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