Submission Guidelines

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Heliotrope Submission Guidelines

CURRENT STATUS: Closed to Submissions as the next two issues are full


Heliotrope Magazine is looking for exceptional fiction that does not exceed 5,000 words. We are most interested in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery and
Horror. If your story is somewhere in between or is something you can’t label – we are interested in that as well. We pay $.10 ( 10 cents) a word for fiction.

Payment will be made upon publication and in U.S. currency.  Any submissions received exceeding that word count will not be considered or responded to. Please do not query us with ‘deals’ on accepting longer pieces of fiction


Heliotrope Magazine will publish one poem per issue. We will pay $50 for this piece (same genres of interest apply). The poem in most cases will be
commissioned, thus if interested in submitting for future issues please contact
for consideration.


At times, articles will appear in Heliotrope but they will not be staples in each issue. If you have an interest in writing an article, we are looking for
opinions of 2000 words or more. The pay rate is $90 flat. Note that most such feature slots will be commissioned – we still will accept unsolicited
submissions for consideration. Feel free to query.

What We Are Paying For:

In all cases, Heliotrope is purchasing the First World Electronic Rights with 120 day exclusivity, first print rights for a series of chapbooks we will be
introducing, and anthology rights (non-exclusive). In addition, we request that the electronic version can remain permanently published in our online archives
although this is negotiable.

Submission Format/Process:

– Send all submissions to
. Any submissions sent in any other manner will simply be deleted.

– At this time we only accept electronic submissions. Please send these submissions via RTF. Please also include your publishing history/bibliography.
Do not send me a link to your website. I don’t want to visit your website
– I want to read your cover letter
– You will be responded to within 30 days – please do not query before then regarding the submission.
– No simultaneous submissions please.
– If rejected, please do not resubmit another story for a period of one week after receiving said rejection. Any submissions that don’t comply will not be considered or responded to.
– If your submission is accepted you have the choice of being paid via check or Paypal and will be paid shortly prior to publication and shortly after our
contract is received back to us.


– We want to accompany both the online and print versions of Heliotrope with different art for each issue. If you are an artist motivated to gain exposure
for your work and this sounds like something you be interested in, please contact Damon (who will handle this matter) at

Advertisers: For information please visit here. If you have any questions, email me (


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