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One Life, Furnished in Early Moorcock by Neil Gaiman



    The Pale albino prince lofted on high his great black sword “This is Stormbringer” he said “and it will suck your soul right out.”

The Princess sighed. “Very well!” she said. “If that is what you need to …

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The Rhondda Rendezvous by Rhys Hughes


It was half past midnight when Jerry Cornelius returned to Tenby as a last desperate resort. There are many desperate resorts along the South Wales coast. Tenby’s turn had finally come.

    Jerry drove a Gilbern and smoked a cheroot …

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G-O-O-D-B-Y-E by Nick Mamatas

Once, there was this kid — and this wasn’t all that long ago so this might tell you how really stupid kids can be, even today — who tromped into 924 Hilltop punk house in Ohio with a guitar case …

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He Angles, She Refracts by Rob Vagle


     In the mirror above her bed, Evy had no reflection.

     She sat up and the silk sheet slipped away from her breasts, exposing her skin to the cool, air-conditioned apartment.  A mirror along each wall left no room for windows, …

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Moon at the Starry Diner by Tina Connolly


Air like a mushroom.  Dense.  Pocketed with holes, moments where Jem could breathe normally.  She filled her lungs, drinking in the new atmosphere, dazzled by the blue-black sky.  Starlight like diamonds, winking around her feet. 

   The clouds were spongy.  Jem’s …

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Red-Haired Man in a Sweater by Brendan Connell

From the Private Papers of Dr. Black

(The following case was related by Professor Kaltenbach, of Bonn, Germany)

Mr. X. Eyes neuropathic. Skin creamy, grey, marked with purple blotches. Patient highly intellectual, of refined manners, though clearly afflicted with moral …

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Galatea by Vylar Kaftan

      Since I moved to the city, I’ve been dying piece by piece.  It’s not really the smog, or the crowds, or my tiny apartment above the Arabic bookstore, or any of the things that bother most people.  It’s the way …

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A Godmother’s Gift by January Mortimer

Announcement of a Birth
      I set out the offerings and the homages and wrote the ten secret names of the Dark-That-Comes-After in blood. At midnight, I sliced the proud cox-combed head from a black cockerel and I read the entrails …

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They Play in the Palace of My Dreaming – Gerard Houarner


     Never leave your place unguarded, the totem of the unborn fetus said.        Carlos woke, startled, from the dream.  He turned on the bedside lamp, stared into the murky fluid of the jars containing the fetuses of two girls taken from

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Honey Mouth – by Samantha Henderson

Honey Mouth by Samantha Henderson

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