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Heliotrope Issue 3 Contributors

Brendan Connell was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 1970. He has had fiction published in numerous magazines, literary journals and anthologies, including McSweeney’s, Adbusters, Nemonymous, Leviathan 3 (The Ministry of Whimsy 2002), Album Zutique (The Ministry …

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Dreaming Metropolis Editorial by Jay Tomio

The third issue of Heliotrope brings the first editorial and in our opinion the best issue yet.  It wasn’t easy as we were publishing as we were struggling with our identity; foolhardy to some, but me and Damon both agree

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The Anatomy of “Sleep” by Jeffrey Ford

      I remember the first time I came across The Melancholy of Anatomy on the shelf in a local bookstore. The cover showed twin severed child heads, cheeks and necks webbed in meandering red veins. One head had fallen, and one …

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The Witch by Theodora Goss

Sometimes in the morning, the mist curled into the corners
Of the house like a cat, and Grimalkin, she would cry,
come to me, my Grimalkin. She would gather
the mist to her, and stroke it, and it would settle

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He Angles, She Refracts by Rob Vagle


     In the mirror above her bed, Evy had no reflection.

     She sat up and the silk sheet slipped away from her breasts, exposing her skin to the cool, air-conditioned apartment.  A mirror along each wall left no room for windows, …

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Moon at the Starry Diner by Tina Connolly


Air like a mushroom.  Dense.  Pocketed with holes, moments where Jem could breathe normally.  She filled her lungs, drinking in the new atmosphere, dazzled by the blue-black sky.  Starlight like diamonds, winking around her feet. 

   The clouds were spongy.  Jem’s …

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Red-Haired Man in a Sweater by Brendan Connell

From the Private Papers of Dr. Black

(The following case was related by Professor Kaltenbach, of Bonn, Germany)

Mr. X. Eyes neuropathic. Skin creamy, grey, marked with purple blotches. Patient highly intellectual, of refined manners, though clearly afflicted with moral …

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The Shadow Cabinet by Jeff Vandermeer


Installment #1: John Calvin Batchelor’s The Birth of the People’s Republic of Antarctica and Brian McNaughton’s The Throne of Bones


Shadow Cabinets are the great equalizers, the great communicators. It is only within the dark confines of a Shadow Cabinet, …

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Fasti by Sonya Taaffe

Shadefast: The Feast of Saint Libitine
Beyond the city wall, a black dog
is running in the frost and stubble,
nine times under the cradling moon
like the sickles that sheared the last
of the harvest down. Who hears her

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Galatea by Vylar Kaftan

      Since I moved to the city, I’ve been dying piece by piece.  It’s not really the smog, or the crowds, or my tiny apartment above the Arabic bookstore, or any of the things that bother most people.  It’s the way …

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