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G-O-O-D-B-Y-E by Nick Mamatas

Once, there was this kid — and this wasn’t all that long ago so this might tell you how really stupid kids can be, even today — who tromped into 924 Hilltop punk house in Ohio with a guitar case …

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Please bear with us

We are the process of recovering from a database error.  All old html links to previous Heliotrope Issues should continue to work as we rebuild the site to make it faster and more stable.…

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What Burns Within Excerpt by Sandra Ruttan

She wasn’t the type of woman he was interested in. Constable Tain knew that before he even set eyes on her. Everything from her tone of voice to her abrupt manner to the way she hung up the phone before …

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Pasiphae’s Machine by Catherynne M. Valente

Pasiphae’s Machine by Catherynne M. Valente

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Where’s the Sci-Fi by Heidi Wessman Kneale

Where’s the Sci-Fi by Heidi Wessman Kneale

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Plus ca change? by Michael Moorcock

‘For all its reputation as a hotbed of cultural advance,
the Sixties was no great sponsor of fiction.’
— Jonathon Green, Preface to the 1997 Edition of Groupie by Jennie Fabian and Johnny Byrne.

I WONDER IF the above astonishingly …

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Heliotrope Issue 3

Download the PDF

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Once Were Cops by Ken Bruen

 Kurt Browski, built like a shit brickhouse and just as solid. A cop out of Manhattan

South, he was having a bad day.

Much like most days.

His heritage was East European but contained so many strands, not even his …

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Grease Monkey Book 2: A Tale of Two Species by Tim Eldred

Sometimes it still surprises even ME that there’s a book one. The concept
for Grease Monkey has been with me for a pretty long time (15 years as I
write these words) and the published version has been around for …

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Fablewood Anthology







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