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New BSCReview Site Design and Name

Bookspotcentral is now and with that comes a new site design. Please be aware while all old links will work, we would appreciate you updating your blogroll and front page links to

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Issue 5 is out the door!

We have gotten Issue 5 of Heliotrope complete and you can navigate the site to check it all out.  The new site is also operational.  Thank you for all of your support…

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Heliotrope Issue 5

Download the PDF

Read the HTML online

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Moorcock: Mastery and Mad Dance by Hal Duncan


This is a confession as much as a tribute. I am a dufus.

I came to Michael Moorcock late, an SF reader who’d taken an initially straightforward route in through the Golden Age SF of the Big Three — Asimov, …

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Confessions of an Elric Fanboy by Paul S. Kemp


I’ll let others speak to Moorcock’s foundational role in the genre. They are, after all, more qualified than me for that. Me? I simply have a confession to make.

I am an Elric fanboy. There. I said it. Feels good …

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Michael Moorcock: Behold the Man by Lou Anders


Michael Moorcock is threaded throughout the entire fabric of my childhood universe. I remember bookstores devoting entire shelves to the various novels of his multiverse, works I devoured as fast as I could get my hands on them. It was …

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One Life, Furnished in Early Moorcock by Neil Gaiman



    The Pale albino prince lofted on high his great black sword “This is Stormbringer” he said “and it will suck your soul right out.”

The Princess sighed. “Very well!” she said. “If that is what you need to …

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The Rhondda Rendezvous by Rhys Hughes


It was half past midnight when Jerry Cornelius returned to Tenby as a last desperate resort. There are many desperate resorts along the South Wales coast. Tenby’s turn had finally come.

    Jerry drove a Gilbern and smoked a cheroot …

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The Moorcock Effect by Bryan Talbot


Brian Holt. What a great teacher.

    Good teachers bring their subject alive. They transmit their enthusiasm. It’s infectious and addictive and, apart from hooking you with a habit that will last a lifetime, they introduce you to material you’ve never …

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Moorcock the author, Mike the Man by Chris Roberson


Over the years, I’ve written any number of pieces on Michael Moorcock and his work—reviews, retrospectives, tributes, and such—most of which can probably still be found online in one form or another. As I’ve said time and again, discovering Moorcock’s …

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