Letter From the Editor Heliotrope Issue 4 – Jay Tomio

Issue four is a bit of a transition for us though we have carried over a couple of the features that we debuted in our last issue. I am pleased to be able to present another of my favorite writers in general – but particularly his short fiction – Ian R. Macleod to continue the virtual anthology kicked off by Jeffrey Ford last issue. A bit of staple at Heliotrope now, Jeff VanderMeer returns from gardens of forking paths to suggest quality shelf space decisions for those of us readers who may mistakenly feel we have all the questions. Our poetry for the issue is penned by the delightful Anna Tambour, continuing our tradition of attracting wandering muses – this one from down under. Returning to our pages for the first time since our first issue is the newly crowned Tiptree Award winner, Catherynne M. Valente. Cat’s been busy spinning a tale to what is oddly enough one of the great epic fantasies we have seen, though it is not so in a way we have come to perhaps falsely define. She reenters the small stage with what is hopefully the first of her columns we will be the venue for. Some will say we have less fiction this issue, I am sure the author of that piece will tell you he can stick it in a pillowcase and beat you to death with the weight of his story while he screams G-O-O-D-B-Y-E.

This editorial, compared to the last, will mirror the issue, a bit short, still sweet, but a doorway to yet another bigger door. Our next issue will be a bit of a deviation, but one you will not regret answering the bell to. Expect news of it coming soon as we retool Heliotrope and pass out new keys to our well of locks.


– Jay Tomio

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