Heliotrope Issue 3 Contributors

Brendan Connell was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 1970. He has had fiction published in numerous magazines, literary journals and anthologies, including McSweeney’s, Adbusters, Nemonymous, Leviathan 3 (The Ministry of Whimsy 2002), Album Zutique (The Ministry of Whimsy 2003) and Strange Tales (Tartarus Press 2003). His first novel, The Translation of Father Torturo, was published by Prime Books in 2005; his novella Dr. Black and the Guerrillia was published by Grafitisk Press the same year.


Tina Connolly works as a face painter in Portland, OR.  She has a cat who is often a pigeon and a husband who is rarely a bear.  Her stories and poems have appeared in Strange Horizons, Son and Foe, and Ideomancer.  She wrote the first draft of Moon at Clarion West 2006 and then had a long conversation with Nalo Hopkinson about putting squids on mantelpieces.


Jeffrey Ford is the author of the novels The Physiognomy, The Portrait of Mrs. Charbuque, The Cosmology of the Wider World and The Girl in the Glass. His two short story collection from Golden Gryphon Press are: The Fantasy Writer’s Assistant and The Empire of Ice Cream. He has a new novel, The Shadow Year, and a new story collection, The Night Whiskey, coming out in 08 from Morrow/Harper Collins. Ford teaches Writing and Literature at Brookdale Community College in New Jersey.


Theodora Goss was born in Hungary and spent her childhood in various European countries before her family moved to the United States. Although she grew up on the classics of English literature, her writing has been influenced by an Eastern European literary tradition in which the boundaries between realism and the fantastic are often ambiguous. She lives in Boston, where she is completing a PhD in English literature. Her short story collection In the Forest of Forgetting, which includes World Fantasy Award nominee “The Wings of Meister Wilhelm” and Nebula Award nominee “Pip and the Fairies,” was published in 2006. Interfictions, a short story anthology she co-edited with Delia Sherman, was published in 2007. Her short stories and poems have been reprinted in a number of Year’s Best anthologies, including Year’s Best Fantasy, The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror, and The Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy for Teens. Visit her website at www.theodoragoss.com.
Michael Moorcock is a highly respected author who has won many awards over his prolific career. The author of many literary novels and stories in practically every genre, he has won and been short-listed for the Nebula, World Fantasy, Hugo, August Derleth, Booker, Whitbread, Guardian Fiction Prize, and others. His novella Behold the Man won the Nebula Award. Currently he resides in Texas with his wife, Linda.

Visit Michael Moorcock online at www.multiverse.org.


Rob Vagle lives in Eugene, Oregon.  He’s been published previously in Realms of Fantasy, Polyphony 5, and Strange New Worlds 10.

Jeff VanderMeer is a columnist for the Amazon book blog and has his own blog at http://www.jeffvandermeer.com. His latest novel is Shriek: An Afterword, and he is currently a guest editor for Best American Fantasy.


Artist Bio

Noah Barrett

Born and raised in the post industrial brown fields of Connecticut. The only son of a nurse and an auto mechanic.

Schooled in illustration Noah has worked in commercial art and graphics for over a decade providing illustrations and design to newspapers, comic books and Magazines world wide.

As well as illustrating “If I Were Just a Little Taller.” by E. Anderson and contributing to C. Harts “How to Draw Comic Book Superheros and Villians” He has recently resumed freelancing and producing fine art .

He lives in Western Massachusetts with his wife and three children.




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