Grease Monkey Book 2: A Tale of Two Species by Tim Eldred

Sometimes it still surprises even ME that there’s a book one. The concept
for Grease Monkey has been with me for a pretty long time (15 years as I
write these words) and the published version has been around for 10 percent
of that (1.5 years) so I have to occasionally remind myself that it’s not
entirely mine any more. When a twisted string of causality finally resulted
in it getting published in a handsome hardcover edition from Tor Books in
summer 2006, it was like watching my child go off into the world to make
friends and influence people I would probably never meet. If you¹re one of
those people, I hope it was a good experience for you. If you haven’t yet
become acquainted, you can remedy this any time over at .
The story for Book 2 has been with me for about half of those 15 years
mentioned above. I had delusions about turning Grease Monkey into an
animated feature film once the first book got off the launch pad, but I also
had to confront the idea that if it were to be optioned by a movie studio
the first thing on their agenda would be to tear it to bits. Having seen a
few movies and read a few books in my day, I thought I had come up with
something that didn¹t need to be “improved” upon by some overpaid executive.
So even as I wrote my movie script there was a nagging voice in the back of
my head saying, “do it yourself, stupid!”
I actually did turn the first act into an animated mini-movie (which you can
also find at the website) and I thought about continuing on from there to
make the whole thing that way. But even that much effort wouldn’t
bullet-proof it against tampering. All it takes is one middle-manager to
invent a problem and you’re back to square one. It’s a shame that it has to
be that way. When we look back over history we can see centuries of classic
stories that did just fine without having to be “re-imagined” or
“focused-grouped” or “beta-tested.” In fact, if all those things had been
around before the 20th century, we might not have gotten classic literature
at all. Just a lot of mediocrity. Fortunately, the movie game isn’t the only
one in town.

In the face of all this, I decided the script would do just as well as the
basis for a graphic novel and started drawing it. So here’s the first chunk
of Grease Monkey Book 2. The whole thing is going to take a year or two to
finish, with new pages to be uploaded to the website every 60 days. If it
all works out, there will be a paper version at the end. In the meantime, I
hope it will make lots of friends.


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  1. claude
    Posted August 11, 2014 at 8:48 am | Permalink

    I loved the first comic and absolutely would love to see the rest of the second book! When is it coming out, and why is the website down? Please let us, our cool fans know! 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Posted November 10, 2015 at 12:49 am | Permalink

    Tip top stfuf. I’ll expect more now.

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